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Feb 6, 2013 3:00am EST
eric cantor will be outlining a new agenda for his party, focusing on issues like education and health care and spend less time talking about the deficit. >> really? oh, yes. eric cantor to the rescue. he is ready to save the republican image and put a stop to the electoral college losses, right? of course, this is not the first time eric cantor has tried to save the party. you see, it actually is the fourth attempt that he has had. in 2009, cantor held a pizza party, remember that? with jeb bush and mitt romney by launching the national council for a new america that didn't work. a year later, cantor was back at it. he was one of the young guns ready to take the republican party by storm. >> there is a better way, and a new team is ready to bring america back. eric cantor, kevin mccarthy, paul ryan joined by common-sense conservative candidates from across the country. together, they are ready to make history. together they are the young guns. >> the good old days. in 2011, cantor launched the you cut program. he wanted to get the public to vote on weekly cuts to federal govern
Feb 5, 2013 3:00am EST
people pay attention. he is able to use the bully pulpit to help educate americans. i've already heard from people today who were not even aware of the ban on the boy scouts having openly gay leaders and members. so i think just from an educational perspective and the certainty of his answer when you saw, when asked it was an immediate yes, no hesitation in any way whatsoever. and i think the american people see that and take that to heart. >> when you listen to staunch conservatives like santorum and rick perry, you have to ask the question, will lifting the ban on gays destroy scouting? they believe it will. >> well, you know, if something was destroyed every time rick perry or rick santorum said that it was going to be destroyed by some cause or action, the planet would be destroyed i think at this point. >> well, why does scouting ban gays? why have they in the past? >> thing has been a real misunderstanding that by banning gay people, they're protecting things from adults with inappropriate sexual activity, when the statement and the facts actually point to something totally diffe
Feb 8, 2013 5:00pm PST
is a smart, educated guy. he goes down to san diego, allegedly to steal a boat. indicates that he wants to go to mexico. ed, he drops his wallet with his badge in it. come on, this guy is smarter than that. he left it so we would find it. he goes up to big bear, drops his car off and sets it on fire, almost putting spotlights on saying now i'm up here. this guy is trying to make us look left, make us look right. ed, if he would is a been up in big bear mountain last night, it got to about 15 or 20 degrees. if this guy was carrying guns, ammo, and street clothes and walking through the mountains, 275 pounds, he would have started sweating, he would have got hypothermia. had he stayed outside, he would have died. if police say he is not in any of the cabins up there, and they know that for sure, he either had a switch car up there, or somehow he stole or hijacked a car and left that mountain area. and whatever he did, ed, he is probably one of the more dangerous fugitives that law enforcement has looked for in a long time. he knows weapons. he knows police and military tactics. he h
Jan 31, 2013 8:00pm PST
background. very diverse. it all starts with being a combat veteran in vietnam. and of course educated under the g.i. bill. he understands veterans' issues and the possibility of what military war does, of course, to the guys on the ground. he has experience in washington and in the business world unparalleled to anybody on that senate armed services committee. he's a self-made guy in american business. this man has a resume most of these senators wish they had. he never did anything as reckless as john mccain did when he picked sarah palin to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. gosh, i wish he could have reversed the questioning today. if you ask me, this opposition to hagel is nothing but sour grapes. jealousy and envy. this man is qualified. he has impeccable integrity. he would be perfect. he also knows how to manage people, departments, and he'll be able to get his arms around the pentagon budget and maybe they can finally audit themselves, as we've had senators on this program say the pentagon is so big they can't even audit themselves. give hagel a shot. he deserves it. bec
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)